Short is the new long for the 2020-2021 wedding season. Different lengths and styles, the possibilities are endless when it comes to a bride’s special day!

For as long as can be remembered, long hair was a key staple for the special day. What’s more to want than long luscious curls framing the picture perfect portrait for a woman ‘s wedding day?

See, that’s the thing about traditions, they are meant to be broken. What if the groom threw the bouquet, the best man and maid of honour took over the ring bearer, and the bride chopped her hair short? Truth is, they shatter stereotypes every day. We see some women knocking out the long white gown for short coloured dresses, matched with blue heels, pants even.

In this week’s blogspot, we encourage women to say “I do” to change and to embrace their short hairstyles for their special day.

With a legion of lovely readers, a collection of stunning ideas, and a roar for the upcoming season of weddings, we ensure each bride-to-be, with her very own, best day ever!

There was a time when all you saw at salons was beautifully long layered haircuts combined with intricate up-do’s advertised for weddings. Now, in the 21st century, so much has changed, especially at Kroma, where we say “yes” to short do’s!

Picture this, wedding horror story: The bride and her bridesmaids go for her dress fitting. Simple enough? The sales assistant places a veil on her head and asks, “You’ll be growing out your hair, right?” Because that’s tradition, that’s etiquette, that’s what’s expected. It was an assumption, not a question. An insult. The bride now feels this is the only option and the right thing to do.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle whilst avoiding judgement and doubt can seem like a mammoth task. How do you ensure you’ve made the right decision without feeling like you’ve compromised all traditions in the process?

In short, we’ve found that confidence is key. Different is sexy. Below is our first style, the simple straight bob.

This gorgeous length matched with silky smooth flowing hair calls for the perfect warm-toned colouring service and style. This straight-forward (pun intended) style is bound to sit nicely with any wedding dress and have you feeling like
you’re rocking the show.

If you’re still unsure of what suits you best or want to go au natural, arrive to your hair trial open minded, offer feedback and suggestions from your stylist. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few options, you can choose your favourite look, being one you feel most comfortable and confident in. Encourage your bridesmaids to do the same!


+ Wear a parting in your hair that you are use to, this will ensure effortless yet confident looking photos!

+ Even if long hair is your preference make sure to see your hair stylist for a shape up to help eliminate unnecessary weight. This will make for a longer lasting style on the day of your wedding!

+ Book a wash and blow dry for the day before your wedding to help eliminate any excess residues. This too will make for a longer lasting style!

+ If your hair is virgin, consider getting it coloured. This will contribute to the dimension and longevity in the style for your big day!

+In case of unfortunate weather conditions, book your hairstylist for touch up’s!


There’s no time like the the 90s! If you want to throw it all the way back, the old Hollywood curl is your dream look. With preciously flourished twirls placed loosely at a mid-neck length, your hairstylist would be thrilled to help you out!

Sometimes short hair can get tedious, but with a half up- half down tousled wave or a trendy low bun or top knot , you’ll be sure to have every bothersome strand out of your face, while looking super chic!

Finally, if your goal is to avoid all possible hassles, the pixie cut is where its at! With its face forming silhouette and its modest appearance, a head band could amplify this look and be the perfect addition in making a statement on your special day!

Along with finding the right length/style of your preference, there are a few other things that can help make your hairstyling experience as easy as possible. First, trust your consultant and don’t be afraid to consider any of his or her suggestions that fall outside of your traditional comfort zone. Also, browse with a supportive crew! Miss Negativity does not deserve a sacred spot on the “yay-or-nay” team, have a crowd that’s yes-friendly and backs you up on your bold choices. It will be much easier to imagine flaunting one of these styles on your wedding day, if you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed, or feel like it for that matter.

all tied up!

Keep things short ‘n sweet with these hairstyles to charm yourself and slay on your wedding day!